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7-Step Crossover Stairs


The taller, 7-Step crossover stair model provides safe access up and over obstacles and barriers. Constructed from durable aluminum, our stairs can be placed over pipes, rooftop walls, and other obstructions, giving your workers safe access.

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Our industrial 7-step crossover stairs are easily assembled without welding or fabrication. This product includes the following components:

handrail2x Platform Handrails: each has universal nut-plate inserts, and are prefabricated to fit a 36″ side of our modular platform. The pipe construction handrails are powder coated and made from aluminum.

platform1x Platform A Component: Stamped for a positive-traction walk surface, each platform is constructed from durable aluminum. Units have common bolt hole patterns for stairs, other platforms, and handrails.

2x Stair 4 Step A: 4-Step stairs are designed to be connected together. Units have a platform surface of 45″, and platform clearance at 39″. 26″ stamped positive-traction surfaces are prefabricated to fit any side of our platforms.

2x Stair 3 Step A: 3-Step stairs are designed to be connected together. Units have a platform surface of 36″, and platform clearance at 30″. Combine with the included 3-Step component for a total of 7 steps.

Additional information

Max Height

9' 6"

Max Length

13' 6"

Max Width

3' 4"

Max Clearance

6' 0"